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Our Approach, Sunflower Imaging Photo Studio

Our Approach

Our motto at Sunflower Imaging is “Two views, One vision … All About the Love”. This means that we always work in tandem during a shoot so that we can see more and capture more in pictures.

During weddings, Caroline loves focusing on the bride, her bridesmaids and all the girlie stuff, while Keith will hang out with the groom and all the guys. Or while Caroline is photographing one room of festivities, Keith will be out hunting for spontaneous, unposed scenes during your wedding day.

For portraiture, Caroline will work with you on the styling for the shoot while Keith will set up the environment to match. We enjoy shooting portraits both in the studio and outdoors.

At all times, we stick to the vision and theme we discussed and agreed on with you before the shoot.

Our “Two Views, One Vision” approach creates richer, more diverse and more artistic images for you to choose from when you select your favourite pictures. WE pride ourselves on creating pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime and pass on to future generations.

We Take The Time

Rest assured. With us, you will never feel rushed. With us, you won’t make an appointment and then ‘quickly’ rush to the studio. Before the real shoot, we then take all the time to understand you—your personality and your expectations.

A portrait session may take four or five hours. It’s not a quick half-hour job squeezed into a full agenda. We will discuss styling, including hair, makeup and clothing.

On your wedding day, we’ll spend the time that’s necessary to create fabulous pictures and ensure that both you and we are satisfied.

Ultimately, we want to have fun with you during the shoot. So why rush things?

Earning Your Trust

In order to take the most meaningful portraits of you, or you with your family, we want to know what’s important to you as a family and to also get a feel for the personality of each family member.

Mutual trust is important because our ultimate goal is to photograph you as a friend, not a stranger.

Photographing in Geelong, Bendigo, Echuca, Daylesford, Macedon Victoria, Melbourne