Maternity Fashion Photo shoot - Melbourne, Australia

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New Mama celebrating the miracle of life ❤️. I am so glad that she brought the little cutie in after the birth. She is as CUTE as a button!

We love creating such timeless Photographs and having the time to discuss the style for the shoot. The portrait session also leaves us with wonderful memories of the mum to be and for the family. Additionally, we tailor each session to you.

There are so many stories that we get to listen to when we photograph a couple, a family or a person. It is amazing to meet people from all walks of life and photograph them at the same time.

The power of a portrait is so simple yet strong. Photographing with love and gratitude. For us a personal growth and priceless time.

Celebrate yourself and your achievements with a portrait session. Wear the dress that you always wanted to. Come and create the forever memories with us whether it be a maternity or a family photo shoot.

We are so fortunate that our clients give us their blessing to use their pictures.

That is why a getting-to-know you session is so important. We discuss styling, looks, and set designs. We want to give you our best. It is definitely an investment on both sides. In the end, we want to give it our best to create the stories for your future generations. Let us both focus on the creatively capturing beautiful images for your wall...What is your desired outcome? An Album and a wall collection?


"Maternity - babybump , melbourne- Melbourne, Australiafamily,wedding,beauty Portraits, corporate, melbourne, victoria, lifestyleportraits, sunflowerimaging, photostudiomelbourne, teenagers

We offer the COMPLETE maternity session...You also get access to our Wardrobe and have a fitting session...Also, we have a professional hair and makeup artist come in...even if it is just for a Corporate photo session. All the little details to make it a great picture and in the end, a picture that will be invaluable as the years go by.

We also stay on top of industry trends and get feedback and evaluated by the people who are top in the industry, so that we can improve our work.


Seid lieb gegrüßt/Our warmest wishes

Sunflower Imaging


Zwei Fotografen/Two photographers

Zwei Perspektiven/Two perspectives

Eine Vision/One Vision


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