Australian Photographic Prize - Melbourne, Australia

October 10, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Australian Photographic Awards!

I have never submitted my work in Australia for judging. I have always wanted to and took the opportunity. It is important for me to put my work in before a panel of judges to ensure that I am producing professional work for my clients, as well, as learning a lot the way of improving our photography. It has been awhile since I went to Black and White Photography school...

I did not think that I would do as well, as I did. I do hold the standard of Australian top photographers in high regards...So, as they were the judges, I expected to get realistic criticism and feedback. Not only that, I was a volunteer at this event to submerge myself back into the spirit of the photography group and world of awards...That was a lot of fun and I managed to meet many new and friendly people.

Unfortunately, the Australian Photographic Industry is not regulated, meaning, anyone can pick up a digital camera, take your photo and your money, and call themselves a ' professional photographer'.

Those of us that are true "Professional Photographers", not only do we pay taxes and have our businesses insured, go for continual training, attend workshops but we also put our work and hearts to be judged by panel of 5 Australian and International award-winning professional photographers, all of whom have been in the industry for many years and are highly respected and regarded amongst their peers, to make sure the work we are producing for our clients is of a professional standard.

I entered only 6 prints, and all 4 got highly commended awards and two received Semi Finalist. Thank you to the organisers and the judges…#australianphotographicprize

Thank you to all my clients who trust me when I get them into awkward positions, or make them hold a pose, as it looks good without you all trusting me, I could never produce such beautiful portraits of you all.

So, talk to us about your photo sessions. We can help you capture the photos that you will always love and value.



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