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Individual and Diverse Women

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Photographing these women was such fun! Real beauty does shine from the inside out. The above photoshoot was done at our Studio and it is a compilation of the women that came in, had their makeup done by a Mary Kay consultant and had a little bit of hair styling before the photoshoot. 

Most people are neither comfortable nor particularly experienced in front of the camera. Which means that, in order to take the very best photo of your subject, you, as a photographer, need to be able to give the kind of direction that makes sense and churns out consistently beautiful results.

Our sole motivation is to make women & men look and feel their very best. 

We will be doing this again this year on Saturday, March 18. We are bring some outfits and accessories that we normally reserve for our clients. We would love for the men to show up too.

Come and get your FB profile pic updated or do you want a more glamorous look? 

Call Caroline on 0172 3255 237 or E-mail to register your name. Bookings are essential and there is a €20 registration fee. Please see previous post (Party and Pose with Mary Kay) for more details.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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