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A Family Portrait

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Familien Fotografi - Mutter & Töchter - Stuttgart VaihingenFamilien Fotografi - Mutter & Töchter - Stuttgart Vaihingen

L'espirit s'enrichit de ce qu'il reçoit, le couer de ce qu'il donne. -Victor Hugo-

"The spirit grows with what it receives, the heart with what it gives."

You are a Mum, a sister, a daughter, a brother or a Father, a Grandfather, a Grandmother...

Not many families realise the importance of family photography. You get to create priceless heirlooms and have an amazing day together. For this session, our makeup artist started with a pamper session which included a facial and massage. We think this sends good signals and warm feelings before the start of a session with us. This creates a few giggles too. You get to dress up, have your hair and makeup done and there is always so much fun and excitement. And that is what it should be all about....having fun being photographed while creating photos that last more than a lifetime.

For us, we want a photo session  to be something special, something like in the old days, where people dressed up their best when they went to the Studio to get their family photo taken. Then get those pictures printed and show them off on the Family wall. Have a special section or sections reserved to share the love with the visitors that come to visit you.  

And for us, we grow from the experience and the new connections. We put ourselves in our work as it is what we love to do. If we can bring your vision to life, we are happy. Communication is important.

We think you should Exist in Photos. For you, for your children, for the people that love you. You are someone that is loved and we want to capture you for all time. Beauty is not on the outside, it is the light that shines out from inside you.

Please choose HD and 720p when viewing the slideshow.


Thank you so much for letting us photograph your family. You are the light that shines on.



Till the next post.


much love,

Caroline & Keith





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