Sunflower Imaging | Hidden Beauties - Before and After Portraits - A Family Heirloom - Part 4

Hidden Beauties - Before and After Portraits - A Family Heirloom - Part 4

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Before and After Portraits Stuttgart VaihingenBefore and After Portraits Stuttgart VaihingenBefore and After Portraits Stuttgart Vaihingen

We photographed a series of 6 incredible women and one man (Mums,  recently engaged,  martial arts expert and a creative cook),  who had their Before and After shots done. We think it is wonderful to have the opportunity to photograph and capture their beauty in camera. Nowadays everybody has such easy access to a camera but not all of them understand the art of taking a picture or what the elements of a good photograph or portrait are. It takes time to study and understand this. I found it hard and it still is.  I think in this series, we were so lucky to photograph women that were gorgeous in their own way. We learn from them too. The challenge is also to be creative with what we have. Anyway, for most of these women, we think,  this may have been their first time that they had their makeup and photographs professionally done at the same time. 

OK, firstly, Tracy is all LEGS! I am a Hobbit in real life next to her. But enough of that. She and little Max came in, as the portrait was going to be a gift for Fathers Day. Furthermore, Max is 6 months and babies do grow and change so quickly. From the photo, it is so clear that Tracy is such a classic beauty.  From the series of portraits that we took, this is also one of our favorites.  Max was so patient whilst Mum had her makeup being done. Such a cutie and he was so easy to photograph all the way till the end of the session. We love this, to capture families, emotions and connections. Hope you see it too. A moment in time, captured forever and is for the next generation. 

With make up that did not melt by Andrea Benkert from Mary Kay and some hot lights from Profoto, we think baby Max and Tracy have a lot to celebrate in life. Hope Dad loved the portraits. Happy 4th of July too.

We loved the pictures so much that we had 3 of them printed on canvas as a set. We want to share this with you. It is an emotive connection when you have your photographs printed.  Yes, we think this is a family heirloom that will be treasured for a long time.


Mother and her Boy- Stuttgart, VaihingenMother and her Boy- Stuttgart, VaihingenMother and Son- Stuttgart, Vaihingen



Thanks so much to you both. You made our session such fun. #existinpictures #celebratelife


Makeup: Andrea Benkart von Mary Kay

Clothes & Necklace: Own

Earrings & beanie: Sunflower Imaging


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