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The Gift/ Das Geschenk

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First Christmas

Does he not look a little thoughtful? I wonder what he is thinking about.

The most wonderful time of the year is especially significant when you are celebrating it with your first born child. It was also a unique occasion for us to photograph 2 month old Maximilian this year. What a precious bundle of joy who was absolutely gorgeous to photograph...from head to toe or toes. I am sure he melts hearts when he flashes that sexy yawn everywhere he goes. Even proud Dad said that the pictures should be entered in a Baby Penthouse magazine (ahem). Ah yes, we can wait for that.


First Christmas First ChristmasFirst ChristmasMaximillian's First Christmas

Proud to say that the Holiday session went well. The little one was so patient with us until the end. Every session is different and such fun to do. Every baby is different. 

 So, young one, even though you are too young to know (you can barely keep awake), please know that you are the brightest light in your parents eyes. This is your first Christmas and we are so happy that we were allowed to be there and photographed it. We hope this is a really special Christmas for you and angels will always look down on you from the time you awake till the time you go Nighty Night. 

It is such warm feeling to end the year with a family holiday session. Merry Christmas little one and many more to come! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.


Die schönste Zeit des Jahres noch schöner, wenn Sie mit Ihr erstes Kind feiern könnten. Es war eine einzigartige Gelegenheit, dass wir Maximilian fotografiert werden. Das kleine Bündel. Es war uns eine große Freude ihn zu fotografiert. Er ist ein hübsches Baby..von Kopf bis Fuß. Ihre Eltern sind stolz auf dich. Ich bin sicher, dass ein Schutzengel passt auf dich auf und sieht auf dich herab. Und du bist das schönste Weihnachtsgeschenk.

Für die Kleinen....Frohe Weihnachten und noch viel mehr.

First ChristmasFirst ChristmasMaximillian's First Christmas


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